Keeping Siblings Together IS Our Priority & Providing Strength To The Family Unit Is Our Focus

Family Stability Matters!

When a family has the support system they need, they will flourish!

Life is not without it's challenges, we've all faced rough roads on our journeys, no one escapes needing some type of support at some point in their life.  

This Little House of Mine Is a pillar of support to Families with general needs and for families in crisis and if needed, can provide resources for Children in need of temporary or permanent placement into a loving Christian Family Home.  

Every Need Is Unique!  As we discover a Family's need, we do our best to come along side the Family to provide support as best we can...

Support Can Include:

  • Provision of Food, Medical Supplies & Resources

  • Provision of Household Items, Beds, Furniture, Kitchen Ware, etc.

  • Resources For Counseling, for Marriage, Children and Families

  • Resources of Housing for children, teens, single Mom's

  • Educational Coaching & Career Mentoring

  • Trade School Opportunities for further education

What Creates Stability In A Child? 

At This Little House Of Mine We Believe Some Of The Key Factors Are:

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORTA Family With A Great Support System Will Flourish!  Don't be a Maverick, if you need help, let go of the crippling enemy of "Pride" and Reach out!  We all find ourselves in the middle of a rough patch of life at some point.  The way you move "through" that rough patch makes all the difference for your Family! There's strength in numbers.  God will place the right people in your life to help you through the storms, it's up to you to allow those people to be your "pillars" of strength, as you get back up on your feet again!

  • KEEP SIBLINGS TOGETHER - Siblings Growing Up Together – If it's necessary for children to be removed from their homes, whether temporary or permanent, we believe it is absolutely Key To Providing Them A Sense of Security and Stability by doing everything possible to "KEEP SIBLINGS" TOGETHER!  When Life Is Nothing But Stable In Their World, keeping them together is absolutely crucial!

  • Raising Children Up With In A Christian Community.  YES, God is at the head of it all!  Afterall, HE Created the Family!  It's HIS Idea, A great one and HE provides all the guidance we need in HIS Living Word, Yes, The Bible!  It Is Life's "How To" Manual.  Again, it's up to YOU to open the manual and Learn From The Master.



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