Our vision is that No Child should find themselves homeless and separated from their siblings and no Family should be without the resources to stabilize their family unit when they find themselves in a crisis, for whatever reason.  Our vision is the do our best to "Equip" Families to Flourish and Live Out God's Plans For Their Lives.


Our mission is to be the Lighthouse of Hope to the Family In Crisis by providing the basic needs, homes, food, clothing, furniture, household supplies, education, counseling, job training assistance, healthcare, if needed we provide resources for rehabilitation from addictions and abuse and most of all we make sure all who come to us, know they are loved, supported, cared for and they matter to us and to God!

Family Stability Matters!

When a family has the support system they need, they will flourish!

Life is not without it's challenges, we've all faced rough roads on our journeys, no one escapes needing some type of support at some point in their life. 

This Little House of Mine Is a pillar of support to Families with general needs and for families in crisis and if needed, can provide resources for Children in need of temporary or permanent placement into a loving Christian Family Home. 

Every Need Is Unique! As we discover a Family's need, we do our best to come alongside the Family to provide support as best we can...

Support Can Include:

  • Provision of Food,

  • Medical Supplies & Resources

  • Provision of Household Items,

  • Beds, Furniture, Kitchen Ware, etc.

  • Resources For Counseling, for Marriage, Children and Families

  • Resources of Housing for children, teens, single Mom's

  • Educational Coaching & Career Mentoring

  • Trade School Opportunities for further education



At This Little House Of Mine, our vision is to be the premier Children and Family Home Community Support provider in the industry, guiding families through their struggles with compassionate support, nurturing relationships, and personal growth. We strive to help families navigate challenging life circumstances with dignity, respect, and care. We strive to be the voice that spreads the message of love and understanding for those whose lives have been disrupted through domestic violence, poverty, mental illness, and other traumas. We are committed to providing needed support, supplies, sometimes funds, educational and preventative support for our families so they can reach the point of being fully on their own and prospering! Our mission equips children and families to experience healthy, safe, and self-sufficient lives. We strive to build an environment in which services are conveniently and affordably accessible, and each person is seen and heard, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. We hope to foster a lasting sense of connection and responsibility to the greater community.

At This Little House Of Mine We Believe The Key Factors Are: ▪ Siblings Growing Up Together – IS Key To Securing Their “Family Bond” & Sense of Security and Stability ▪ Raising Children Up With In A Community ▪ Keeping To The Basics, Allowing Children To Grow Up As A Child Should…In “Their” Home, Attending Church, School, Building Relationships & Enjoying “THEIR CHILDHOOD” ▪ Allowing For “Extended Family” Contact – Protecting their relationships with Stable Family Members such as Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc… ▪ Accountability of Biological Parents - Keeping Parents of child(ren) fully accountable for why the child(ren) has been separated from them! Providing one-on-one Parenting Mentorship through the House Parents. Outside Christian counseling, providing an accountability partner, support in obtaining the right job, parent classes, getting them planted in a Home Church, guiding them to a Small Group for long term support, providing financial planning classes, teaching them about ministry and the value & effectiveness of “putting others needs before their own”… ▪ Biological Parents Reunification –Supervised Visitation Program-Once it is decided it’s time for the Parents to be reunified with the Children, the biological parents/parent will be invited to move into the Home to live with their child under the supervision of the House Parents for a minimum of 6 Months. The House Parents will be their “Life Support” guiding the biological parents, supporting them and helping the biological parents and child(ren) to adjust and gain life long skills for a very successful Parent/Child relationship.